Public Meeting Notice: MoDOT High-Priority Unfunded Needs

By Jackson Hotaling

November 22, 2022

Is there a project--including projects for active and public transportation--you would like to see the Missouri Department of Transportation undertake? Attend a public meeting near you to make your voice heard.

If you have ever dreamed of advocating for specific transportation projects in your community, now is an excellent opportunity to do so. With limited available and dedicated funding for projects that benefit bicycle riders, pedestrians and wheelchair users, and transit riders, incorporating projects onto this list allows MoDOT and partners to justify needs when seeking funding. According to MoDOT,

Missouri’s transportation system is a tremendous asset to the citizens of Missouri. The system consists of 33,825 miles of roads and 10,387 bridges, both of which rank among the largest for any state in the nation. The Missouri Department of Transportation working with its statewide regional planning partners have identified $1 billion in annual unfunded needs. From the broader unfunded needs, MoDOT has developed a High Priority Unfunded Needs list to guide the development of projects into funded projects as state and federal transportation funds increase.


Projects are delineated by MoDOT District, and subsequently by county. There are also statewide projects on the list. Some of the projects already found on the list include:

  • Shared use path from Pineville to Jane (McDonald County, Southwest Rural District)
  • Transit operations: 15 additional bus operators, matching funds for grants for fuel, supplies, maintenance, and staffing (Boone County, Central District)
  • Ozarks Regional Passenger Rail Feasibility Study (Greene County, Southwest Rural District)
  • Amtrak Missouri River Runner (Statewide)

View this website to check out the current version of the document Missouri High-Priority Unfunded Needs:

Public meetings are listed on their website, and are also listed below (updated as of November 22nd, 2022):

Meeting dates subject to change. Check the website before the meeting for the latest information. Via Missouri Department of Transportation.

More information can be found via MoDOT's press release:
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