Make the Right Investments,
Get the Right Returns

Let's build infrastructure that will generate revenue

Missouri cities know this works

Voters expect to see the return on their infrastructure investments

Rolla, MO…

Continuing its 20 year history of adding biking and walking infrastructure, the city has expanded their sidewalk network from 20 to nearly 76 miles, and added 12 miles of shared use paths.

Warsaw, MO

A revitalized downtown and waterfront area has made Warsaw a tourist destination for mountain biking, an increase in outdoor activity among the retirement community.

Versailles, MO

Known for its active lifestyle community, Versailles is working to complete a biking/walking plan to make the town accessible to the Rock Island Trail which intersects it’s downtown

Eldon, MO

Eldon has made great strides to improve the quality of life for the families that reside in Eldon and for those that live nearby or visit the community by car, foot or bike.

​Strong local communities are the backbone of Missouri

Strong Missouri communities have the best quality of life as a result of being hard working citizens that see the long term results of investments that prepare a path forward for future generations.

A good transportation network is necessary to seeing strong Missouri communities thrive.

State policy is important to what happens in our towns.

Our local governments of hard working mayors, city planners and concerned citizens that care about preserving a way of life, deserve to be heard by our legislators.

What other states are doing

Other states are building small town values by making towns safer for walking and biker.

In Minnesota, the Twin Cities regional parks system draws more than 58 million visits every year – more than the Mall of America.

Northwest Arkansas has built an impressive network of bicycle infrastructure—thanks, in part, to the Walton Family Foundation.

California is creating positive community connections with trails that also build a better tourism industry.

Let's invest in Missourians, not cars

Our communities across Missouri owe a huge debt to the founders that built for our future. Our downtowns were built for people to meet, to shop, to own a future. They were built on social and economic principles that have been passed down for centuries.

We would like to see a return to building for people, for a future and place where small town values are encouraged and embraced. We want to see a place, where even if our children leave for a city, they will leave with values that have been passed down for generations.

We can return to a place of safety and mobility for our citizens that gives them the options beyond just getting in a car and driving to a mall.