MRT Presents on Complete Streets to the National Center for Rural Road Safety

By Jackson Hotaling

September 13, 2022

On July 27th, 2022, MRT was invited to present to more than 600 national advocates and changemakers about the Complete Streets process in rural Missouri.

The National Center for Rural Road Safety, a Federal Highway Administration Center for Excellence, invited Missourians for Responsible Transportation to participate as part of the panel "Complete Streets for Rural Areas." To reflect the range of focuses of attendees nationwide, the panelists included a federal engineer, a state active transportation coordinator, and an advocate with a nonprofit group:

  • Brooke Struve (Safety and Geometric Design Engineer), Resource Center – Safety and Design Technical Service Team, Federal Highway Administration
  • Jackson Hotaling (Community Engagement Coordinator), Missourians for Responsible Transportation
  • Jon Kaplan (Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator), Vermont Agency of Transportation

The webinar centered on several key areas of Complete Streets development that attendees could take with them to their communities, covering:

  • Basics for creating a Complete Street in a rural area
  • Resources available for Complete Streets in rural areas
  • Specific Complete Streets process being utilized in rural areas of Missouri
  • Low-cost and easy-to-implement changes to your roads to make them work better for people walking and bicycling

One attendee, Barb Chamberlain (Director of the Active Transportation Division for the Washington State Department of Transportation), took to Twitter to live-Tweet a compelling synopsis of the presentation. She provided highlights from all three presenters, and you can read the full thread by clicking 'Read the full conversation on Twitter:'

To learn more about how to implement Complete Streets in rural areas, watch the full recording below:

MRT's Presentation on 'The Complete Streets Process in Rural Missouri' begins at roughly the 40:40 mark.

MRT is always proud to share about the successes of Complete Streets in Missouri for other states. Furthermore, by working alongside and learning from other professionals in the field, we are continuing to ensure Missourians are equipped with the best resources possible to establish healthy, connected, and livable communities.
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