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Missourians for Responsible Transportation frequently shares expertise through speaking engagements at local, statewide, and even national events. We are asked to connect with groups on a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Active transportation
  • Community planning
  • Community success stories
  • Complete streets
  • Funding opportunities
  • MRT current projects
  • Pop-up traffic calming demonstrations

Here are some of our favorites:

Speaking about Missouri's active transportation advocacy at the 2021 National Bike Summit
Sharing about Missouri Complete Streets to the MOCAN Physical Activity Workgroup
Outlining available transportation options in Missouri for Local Motion's Let's Chat webinar series
Discussing Missouri's campaign for distracted driving legislation for Local Motion's Let's Chat webinar series

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Our YouTube channel houses some of our recorded talks and webinars.

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Notable MRT Speaking Engagements

National Conferences

Mobility Management Connections: Spring Into Mobility & Transportation Virtual Summit (National Center for Mobility Management)

National Bike Summit (League of American Bicyclists)

  • "Active Transportation Mobilization in Rural Missouri & State Advocacy Discussion"
    • Speakers: Michael Kelley [BikeWalkKC], Ron Bentch [MRT], and Jackson Hotaling [MRT]
    • Virtual Summit, based in Washington, DC
    • February 28th, 2021

National Regional Transportation Conference (National Association of Development Organizations)

  • "Movement is Life: Regional Collaboration with Regional Planning Commissions to Improve Rural Transportation Outcomes"
    • Speakers: Jackson Hotaling [MRT] and Adrienne Weston [Harry S Truman Coordinating Council]
    • Kansas City, MO
    • July 20th, 2022

State Conferences

Missouri Active Transportation Summit (Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation)

Missouri Advocate's Retreat (Missouri Foundation for Health)

  • "Real Community Engagement"
    • Panel Moderator: Ciearra "CJ" Walker (DrPH(c), MPH) [St. Louis Community Health Worker Coalition]; Panelists: Kayla Reed [Action St. Louis], Mallory Rusch [Empower Missouri], Jackson Hotaling [MRT], Dr. Judith Gonzalez [Hand-in-Hand Multicultural Center], DeAnthony Henderson (HRS) [Family Care Health Centers]
    • Columbia, MO
    • November 8th, 2023

Missouri Highway Safety and Traffic Conference (Missouri Department of Transportation)

  • "Paper to Pavement: Uniting Accessibility & Complete Streets in Design"
    • Michael Kelley [BikeWalkKC] and Taylor March [MRT]
    • Columbia, MO
    • September 28th, 2022

Missouri Mobility Summit (Missouri Transportation Task Force)

  • "Transportation–Connecting and Working together (Brainstorming Discussion)"
    • Panel Moderator: Enjioli Dixon [Easterseals]; Panelists: Christy Evers [Missouri Department of Transportation]; Brent Hugh [Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation]; Kelly Ast [New Growth Transit]; Jackson Hotaling [MRT]
    • Virtual Summit, based in Jefferson City, MO
    • October 11th, 2023


BikeWalkKC Let's Talk Webinar Series (BikeWalkKC)

Local Motion Let's Chat Webinar Series (Local Motion)

Rural Modes Webinar Series (National Center for Rural Road Safety and NLTAPA Safety Work Group)

  • "Complete Streets in Rural Missouri: Advocacy for Connected Communities"
    • Speakers: Brooke Struve [Federal Highway Administration], Jackson Hotaling [MRT], and Jon Kaplan [Vermont Agency of Transportation]
    • Virtual webinar, based in Bozeman, MT
    • July 27th, 2022
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